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I’m just trying to get out what’s inside. Sometimes there’s a difference between an author and a writer. I write.

You should try it

Tell yourself you’re not writing a book, you’re only trying to put this message inside you into words as best you can. It can be short. Short is good. Say it and stop. Then do it again with another message that wants out.


SCARY HOPE: Courage and a kick to hug hope, face fear, and get going


Because you’re not here to live a disconnected, depressed, non-contributing, helpless, excuse-filled, humdrum life. That’s hopelessness.

Because inside you is the drive to create, contribute, connect, and leave a mark. That’s hope.

Because we all need stories that encourage and challenge us so that we’ll acknowledge that drive within and cooperate with it. But that’s scary.

If you’re doubting, stuck, or hoping for you-don’t-know-what , this book is for you.


…Inspiring stories of longing and change (the hope part).

…Encouragement to face the brutal reality that radical commitment is often required without any guarantee of results (the scary part).

…Brief scenes of encouragement from the hopes of Harrison Ford, Vincent Van Gogh, Sylvester Stallone, William F. Buckley, Oswald Chambers, Larry Bird, King David, the Apostle Paul, a WWII hero who never fired a shot, a baseball nerd who changed the game, a Vietnam War POW who wouldn’t give up, a writer who spent 17 years without a paycheck, a cartoon chameleon with Johnny Depp’s voice, and more.

Plus, scary, hopeful scenes from my own life as an alcoholic, husband, and nomad DJ.

YES! There’s hope!

YES! It’s scary!

Amanda says: “I’m a stay-at-home mom with an itty-bitty business and I am at a crossroads of determining new direction… your little ebook is helping me consider how to frame parameters for this business and to know what I really want from it.”

Sharon says: I am standing on the edge of stepping out on hope and following a hazy dream I’ve talked about for a long time. This book has been such an encouragement that I am on the right track. I will be reading it over and over.”


FROM BEER TO ETERNITY: A little story of addiction and beyond

I STARTED DRINKING at 21, and finished 5,187 days and 4,000 gallons later. ‘From Beer to Eternity’ is the story of the days and gallons. It takes you into the thoughts, feelings, and scenes of a sneaky, growing hopelessness. It comes out the other end, into bright encouragement. In joining my story, you gain a perspective to help grapple with your own questions on addiction, whatever shape that addiction may take.

This book awakens hope for anyone who has experienced discouragement and loss of faith because of an addiction—your own or others.

Brooke says: “I am going to read your good words again and let them percolate thru my heart and soul — then I’m going to begin the work I know I need to do in my own life and trust God more . . . with me and my son.”

Pam says: “Packed with inspiration. A brutally honest picture of the deceit, the desperation, and the life draining effort it takes to hide an embarrassing secret. ‘From Beer to Eternity’ is a wonderful message of hope.”

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