Have you met your Squanto?

My wife said the little story I told her of how Squanto helped the Pilgrims was something every third grader learns.

And then forgets.

Squanto taught the Pilgrims to grow corn which would save their lives. He showed them how to fertilize the corn with fish. Since they couldn’t catch fish he taught them that, too, plus how to stalk deer, plant pumpkins, harvest maple syrup, and sell beaver pelts.

He was an Indian who spoke English and who needed a reason to live after all his family died. He’d had a tragic, adventurous life as a victim of kidnapping and almost slavery. He lived in Europe for years and finally returned to his homeland finding his family dead and gone.

Then a friend introduced him to these clueless foreigners.

The Pilgrims didn’t ask for Squanto. Didn’t go looking for him. Didn’t even know they needed him.

Sometimes the crucial key is kept a secret from you

Like a turkey cooking in an invisible oven.

When you finally get it, your thanksgiving increases.

Maybe that’s the plan the whole time.

When have you experienced a Squanto, realizing later that this thing has been prepared for you over time?

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