How to pray for a sofa

We’re shopping for a larger sofa. We’re praying about it.

Sometimes at furniture stores I see the pilot/co-pilot theater sofas with built-in cupholders and slide-away snack trays. And they massage you. A corner of me wants to give up and veg out in front of the flat-screen on one of those sofas for the next ten years.

We’re not praying for that.

Our current sofa seats three max. There is one comfortable chair in the room, and a few other look-better-than-feel chairs. So we have comfy seating for three or four. When all our family visits there are twelve.

And every Sunday night we host between seven and seventeen friends for food, conversation, a Bible study, and fun. We use kitchen chairs and even plastic patio chairs. It’s fine, but not conducive to relaxing.

We are praying for that.

It’s not so much what you pray for, but why. Why do you want it? What do you want to see happen?

We want to fulfill the purpose of our home for our family and for friends. We want people to be able to relax and  connect with each other and with God. Yes this can happen even with three-legged stools and wooden benches. But we don’t want words like stiff, straight, and hard to be any part of their experience in our home, even with such an un-spiritual thing as a sofa.

The more confidence you have that the thing you want is for God’s purposes and the benefit of people, the more confident you pray.

What’s one thing you’re praying for now, and why are you praying for it?


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  1. One of the things I pray for more than anything is creativity. Knowing that I pray to the first and greatest creative force that has ever existed and will ever exist. The second thing I pray is that I have the strength to live with purpose.

    • Well your prayers are being answered because you are creative. Your words yesterday on the loss of your grandmother and celebrating the quiet life were wonderful.

  2. Oh, love this thought.

  3. lyricpdx

    At 56, I’m an angsty artist, bi-polaring between being hopeful that I’m good enough at what I do to eventually make a difference and believing I’m just going to embarrass myself and my family, wasting everybody’s time. Nonetheless, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not about me after all, it’s about the One who gives creativity and would I just please stop all this ruminating and work hard and diligently at my craft and let Him do the rest? I’m thinking that my responsibility is to accept whatever gifting I might have (thank you, Gary), work hard, not doubt, and let the outcome rest with Him, because it is Him I serve, Him I want to please.

    All to say, I am praying for a piano! Song/Lyric writing is what I am working on, and do you know how hard it is for me to write with just a guitar? God knows what I need and when I need it. I play on my church’s piano. I play using headphones at Guitar Center (I think they are sick of me now), and at the neighborhood Country Club. But, oh, to have my own piano…what a treasure that would be, and it’d be so much easier to find the melodies and harmonies and practice freely without fear that I am annoying someone.

    • I could say everything you said in the first paragraph. Btw, I’m older.

      Thanks for your encouraging example.

      • lyricpdx

        I finished “Scary Hope” yesterday, Gary–talk about encouragement! You have no idea how comforting and helpful it was to read those words. Someone else “gets” what’s in my head and heart and has experienced it as well. You have given me courage, made me feel safe. Maybe we should start a club for us Babyboomers to realize our latent dreams. We could call it “Dreammakers.” 😀

  4. Erica

    We’re praying for a house to buy and a bigger vehicle so we can foster and/or adopt. Hard to trust for God to put the right thing in our path at the right time and know that it’s His clear direction. He is big enough! May He give us wisdom!

    • Sometimes it might be as much about learning how to hear him as it is about the thing you’re trying to hear. Thanks Erica


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