That thing you want might be important. Here’s why.

We’re probably not talking about a car/house kind of thing. More meaningful than that.

Imagine you just died

and you’re in heaven engaged in a heavy duty conversation with God.

He’s showing you some things that didn’t happen in your life, some things that for some reason you didn’t do. Maybe a project, idea, vocation, relationship, ministry…something like that.

And you say, “That’s exactly what I really wanted!”

And he says, “I know.”

And you realize

That thing you wanted was what he wanted, too

That’s why you wanted it. He made you want it, so you would cooperate with him, trust him, and do it.

But you didn’t.

So now, after you wake from your Scrooge dream and find you’re still alive, what are you going to do?

Not believe it?

Be afraid?

Be lazy?

Avoid it?

Make excuses?

The dream conversation could turn into a real one at any second.

About the Author


If you could take a pill that imparted encouragement and big picture perspective the whole world would change. In Charlotte, NC I try to help New Life 91.9 radio to be that pill. I also team up with my wife Brenda, and our daughters and sons-in-law, to try to dent the world with a bit of hope and encouragement.