The one change that would make “The Bible” series even more awesome

The change?

Cast really old actors to play the really old characters

Have Maggie Smith play Abraham’s wife Sarah in episode one. Only make her even OLDER than Violet in Downton, since that’s still younger than Sarah was when she got pregnant. Maybe Betty White would be better. THEN make her have a baby.

Same with Abraham and Moses–uber geezers.


God loves destroying stereotypes

What do we think of eighty and ninety-year-olds today (okay, with the exception of Betty White)? They’re OVER over-the-hill. Cute and sweet at best.

But when God started something BIG and NEW, he turned really OLD people into heroes. If he can do that with them and all their feebleness, imagine what he can do with you.

What stereotype about yourself or your situation would you like to see destroyed?

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  • Michelle

    Yes, good idea, Gary, but one more thing would make it awesome, just a wee bit closer to scripture would be great. I know it is the little things, but we had hoped to watch it with our children and do not want them having slight modifications to scripture in their minds. Us adults likely know the bible good enough to not get messed up, but not so much with little children. Just sayin’.
    As always, I appreciate you posts!

    • Gary Morland

      Thanks Michelle. We talked about some of that last night but I’m just glad there’s something good on that gets a lot of big broad strokes right.