The one habit that’s the secret sauce to connecting your dots : Day 5 of 31

The habit? CURIOSITY

Curiosity makes you ask ‘why?’

Curiosity makes you pay attention.

Curiosity makes you look closer to see how it works.

When you ask ‘why’ and look closer and pay attention, you learn a little bit. Usually the little bits are random. Learn enough little bits, though, and curiosity makes you start to look for patterns and connections. You can’t help it if you have the curiosity habit. That’s when the fun starts.

Recently I sat on the beach at sunrise and watched joggers and dog walkers and bike riders and shell hunters and picture takers and wondered:

Why are people so attracted to the ocean and the shoreline? They get up early and journey down to the beach like a pilgrimage. I’m doing it too! Why?

You’d think this is where I tell you some big revelation. Nope. I didn’t get past seeing it as some kind of human instinct. Just another dot. For now.

But maybe later this dot will connect with some other random dots and turn into some kind of revelation.

Some may think that’s dumb and not worth thinking about. To me it’s normal. I’m exercising my curiosity muscle. Just out of habit, without trying. Can’t help it.

You may not be naturally curious. That’s fine, you’ll still learn to connect the dots. But if you can be even slightly more curious a few times a day I think you have a better chance of making more sense of your life and world.

Here, try it – take ONE MINUTE to think and answer this:

Why have you never met another person exactly like you?

Is that person just like you out there but you just haven’t seen them yet? Or are you the only one like yourself?

If you ARE the only one like yourself, what might that mean?

If you can make yourself curious about this, you might begin to connect some dots between yourself, God, and your purpose on earth. That’s no small thing. And from just a little curiosity.

Make it a habit and your life will begin to make more and more sense.

What are you curious about right now?


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  1. I have to laugh since last night I hopped on Wikipedia to read up on the 1970’s Energy crisis. I had lived (wearing our coats in school, going to the gas station on the odd number license plate day) but I wanted to get a broader perspective. Well, for the curious person you can go in there and swing from link to link to link. I made quite a path to an interesting economics principle and wound around to the pareto principle and finally to the formulas and theories why people lurk on the internet.

    One interesting thing I read about was the Internet 1% rule. It included a nifty pie chart that showed that 1% of the people who use the Internet create content, 9% edit or modify the content and 90% view it without contributing. It was interesting to think about how many people will read blogs but not comment. Especially if the post gives them something. Well, with this long comment, I’ve made up for all who read but lurk.

    Just wanted to know that I appreciate this whole way of seeing and thinking. I can’t wait to hear more. Thanks.

    • Ha! Now that’s following your curiosity – I went on one of those jaunts one time and ended up with Larry Bird and Margaret Mitchell and I still remember several stories from their lives that I never intended to learn. Thanks Mari.

    • monkey tamer

      I’ve never followed a blog. I got gas after waiting in those long odd number license days too. But your 1% rule discovery inspired me. And so did this curiosity blog. Now comes the scary part. Responding means I will expose so many of those nasty, irritating flaws of mine. Lord help us all.

  2. Abbie

    I want to know what makes my oldest daughter tick. I feel like I should be able to figure it out, but it eludes me. Maybe I’ll look for the little things that point to it.

  3. Dumitchell

    This is so interesting. Im excited to learn more.

  4. monkey tamer

    This curiosity idea, could it help me get beyond myself? I’m inspired!!!
    I’m thinking thanks sounds trite but I don’t know what else to say.

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