The question you never ask but should

Let’s say you have some ideas, some dreams, some plans.

Maybe for a career change. Or starting a business or ministry. Or a book idea. Or marriage. Or selling the house and taking the kids out of school and buying a boat and sailing around the world for two years.

And of course you have some doubts. You’re not sure it can happen or that it will work. You keep counting the cost. You don’t want to fail. It’s easy to picture all the details of failure and pain.

You make plans to account for failure, to give yourself the best chance of success. But no matter how well or long you plan, you know there’s no guarantee.

You hesitate because you don’t know if it will be worth it. And maybe you hesitate a bit because you feel failure will be the end of your dream. You think that dreaming with hope is better than failure and no hope.

But in all your preoccupation with risk and failure, you never ask

What if it works?


How great would that be?

What if it works BETTER than you’ve imagined? Would that be worth it?

How can you find out?

About the Author


If you could take a pill that imparted encouragement and big picture perspective the whole world would change. In Charlotte, NC I try to help New Life 91.9 radio to be that pill. I also team up with my wife Brenda, and our daughters and sons-in-law, to try to dent the world with a bit of hope and encouragement.

  • Brenda

    It gets tricky when you ask “What if it works?” and find out you’re afraid of that too. ;-)

    I decided to act in faith in spite of the fear and see what happens.

    • Gary Morland

      So what did you do? :)

      • Brenda

        Started to blog…again.

        • Gary Morland

          Ha! I checked it. You need to keep writing that and stop over analyzing your insides. Second guessing can be dangerous.

          • Brenda

            Thanks Gary. Appreciate the encouragement. =)

  • Abbie

    Have been asking a question like that recently and am not sure which option – it happening or it not happening – that I am more afraid of currently. However, I am not in control, nor is there any illusion of control.

    • Gary Morland

      boy, that’s the truth

  • jacobihaveloved

    This is so true. Asking the question `what if this works?´ helps refocus our minds
    and thoughts towards a Godly perspective. I believe that God is constantly whispering this in our ears when we’re faced with a new and potentially risky venture. Its the whisper that often ignites our faith.

    • Gary Morland

      Thanks j – sometimes that whisper can be scary too