This isn’t about being skinny

I tell my wife she looks skinny.

She tells me to shut up.

I say, “Here, let me take a picture.” She’s standing in the kitchen.

I take the picture with my phone. She looks at it and goes, “You did that with an app. You have a skinny app.”

I know I have her now.

I say, “Here, take my picture and see if it looks like me.”

She takes my picture. It looks like me.

I say, “So see, it’s true, that’s what you look like.”

What do you refuse to believe about yourself?

Just because you’ve repeated something to yourself for years (good or bad) doesn’t make it true.

Brutal reality has two sides. We usually major on facing one or the other.

Face both.

One side is that you ain’t all that.

The other side is that inside you is the drive to create, contribute, connect, and leave a mark. But in a way that looks just like you.

It’s hard to embrace your calling if you refuse to accept your gifting.

About the Author


If you could take a pill that imparted encouragement and big picture perspective the whole world would change. In Charlotte, NC I try to help New Life 91.9 radio to be that pill. I also team up with my wife Brenda, and our daughters and sons-in-law, to try to dent the world with a bit of hope and encouragement.

  • lyricpdx

    That one statement, “It’s hard to accept your calling if you refuse to accept your gifting” is so easy to gloss over; read it quickly so you don’t have to think about it! But…this is the question that can change a person’s life: my life. Why don’t I accept my gifting? What IS my gifting? Am I certain? Do I not feel worthy of it? Do I listen to what others say my gifting is or do I follow what God is telling me? When you accept the gift is when the adventure begins…..