Watch this boy learn to connect the dots : Day 7 of 31

No pressure. Just lovely, interesting discussions.

That’s how Richard Feynman described how he learned to connect the dots.

You don’t learn it from school. Richard wasn’t crazy about school. He said,

School invented a set of rules which if you followed them without thinking could produce the answer. A series of steps by which you could get the answer if you didn’t understand what you were trying to do.

Richard went to very exclusive schools, but it was his dad who encouraged him to be curious and pay attention and connect the dots so that he had understanding.

Richard won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965. You may not want a Nobel Prize, but you can do the same thing Richard did–be curious and connect the dots–for your own purpose.

What does that look like?

In the opening scene from “Infinity,” Richard’s dad uses lovely, interesting discussions (which you can have in your head) to encourage the curiosity that leads to things making sense. (If you’re reading this in email, click HERE to visit the blog to see the video – it’s 3:50 and worth it)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video! Now I want to see the entire movie. I work with little children at a private school. The kids ask so many questions. It can be all too easy to brush those questions aside. But I want to foster their curiosity and not put a lid on it. Loved this post …

    • The movie is about Feynman’s life – haven’t seen it but I’ve enjoyed the videos of him on YouTube talking about learning from his dad.


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