Can’t get there alone : Day 31 of 31

One of the Myers-Briggs personality types is INTP.

INTP’s connect dots automatically.

They can’t help looking for things to help the world make sense. Here’s a summary from a place that explains that kind of thing:

The task of the INTP’s mind is to fit each encountered idea or experience into a larger structure. Their central goal is to understand and seek truth.

They like to understand the structures and processes that govern the world and mold them with their own ideas and designs. They like to understand many things at deep levels.

You’re probably some other personality type. You’re not driven to connect the dots.

But you still want your life, your world, your hopes and dreams to make sense.

I’m an INTP, so since I’m going to be covering this corner of the pool anyway, you’re welcome to hang out here.

From now on I may not always describe it as ‘connecting the dots.’ I may not always take you in the kitchen like we did some here during the 31 Days. It might be more subtle. I may just catch the fish and cook the meal and present it.

If you like that kind of thing I hope we can become friends.

You’ve been assigned your own corner of the pool. I’m sure the way God has made you will end up helping me just like I want to help you. Thanks in advance.


This is the last of 31 Days of Connecting the Dots: make more sense of your life, your world, your hopes and dreamsYou can visit the Nester to choose from over 1,200 more 31 Dayers.

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Gary Morland helps you feel better about your most challenging family relationships, and helps you actually improve those relationships - all by adopting simple attitudes, perspectives, expectations, and actions (the same ones that changed him and his family).


  1. SeaStarArts

    this ENFP will see you in the pool… thank you Gary! xo-jeni

  2. amber

    I am an IFSP – Introvert, Feeler, Sensor, Perceiver. Knowing this helps me to understand some of my dots, and also where i might need to stretch myself in the future. It sheds some light on why I act the way I do sometimes. I really enjoyed your series. Thanks!

    • I like knowing about the people I live/work closely with, too. Can help. Appreciate it Amber.

  3. Nemo

    I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test so often I think I know how to manipulate the answers too well. I don’t know which personality type I am during this moment in my life. Thank you for the invitation to hang out in the pool. I’ll be swimming around. I definately need to see and hear your side of the pool no matter what quadrant I’m in.

    • Ha! I’ve played with taking the test too. Stays pretty much in the same ballpark though. I don’t see it as definitive, but it can be helpful. Thank you Nemo

  4. Abbie

    Right now, the many of the connections I’m making are making me sad – for me or for someone else. Or seeing patterns that aren’t good, but have been a long time in the making/continuing. But God is faithful and is in the business of redemption!

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