Your Hopes and Dreams

You’re not here to live a disconnected, depressed, non-contributing, helpless, excuse-filled, humdrum life.

Inside you is the drive to create, contribute, connect, and leave a mark.

You sense this. You know it’s true.

That doesn’t mean you want to climb Mt. Everest. Or maybe it does.

You may want to be married. You may want to raise kids. You may want a job or a promotion. If you want these things you want to be successful at them.

Or you may want things to stay the same and NEVER CHANGE — and that’s a hope and dream, too.

Your hopes and dreams might take the form of an event, a circumstance, or money.

Or healing.
Or restoration.
A person.
A relationship.

A size.

An amount.
An accomplishment.
A feeling.
A lifestyle.
A legacy.
A place.
A vague “times will be better.”
Or a career.
A role.
A title.

Whatever your hopes and dreams, they cannot remain an unconnected dot. Impossible.

If you want to climb Mt. Everest you won’t just walk there and start climbing. You’ll prepare, hire sherpas, raise money, rehearse, and develop a taste for garlic, GORP, and spam.

You know you’ll confront a million frustrations and things that don’t make sense. You know you could wear out and give up. To get there you must understand yourself, and other people, and the world of mountain climbing.

So you’ll team up with someone experienced, who possesses deep discernment of each of these things and how they relate. Someone who smells like garlic.

Because you know your hopes and dreams depend on connecting the dots.

Think of one hope or dream you have. What do you need to understand about yourself, your world, God, and other people in order for it to happen? What needs to connect?  

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