Last train to Fitsville

Sweeping up with four final questions about Everything Fits. The first three are HERE.


What suggestions could you make to help me truly believe everything fits, when I really believe everything does NOT seem to fit? It is the “really believing” that is a challenge!

There was a time long ago during trips away from home when I thought to myself, “What if I forget how to get home?” (Crazy, eh?) On one occasion I badly frightened myself thinking how scary it would be to forget my way. What would you tell me if I told you it was a challenge to really believe I wouldn’t forget?

Believe it the same way you believe everything else. Sometimes God just gives you faith, but when he doesn’t, then you choose to believe. No one will make you, beg you, or prove it to you.

The first words in the Bible–“In the beginning God”–don’t try to convince you that there was a God in the beginning. It just states the facts. Believing it is up to you.


Do we ever really reach a point where we accept that whether or not it makes sense, it all really does fit? Or is that a perpetual journey? Also, even if it all really does make sense and fit, what the heck do we do to heal and overcome all the scars in the process?

Maybe it’s steps. You can always go farther. You can also have peace wherever you are by just believing like a child. Kids don’t insist on understanding. They know how to trust that the grownups are in control. They ask questions and don’t understand the answers, but still trust. Grownups are too smart to trust.  “Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

I don’t know what to do to heal and overcome scars. Jacob limped the rest of his life. Jesus kept the holes in his hands and side. Life comes from death. Dirt grows beautiful living green things.


So should we just not ask ‘why?’

I think we can ask anything we want. I just can’t demand an answer. God told Job that Job was not able to understand; and Job was as godly as they come. Some ‘whys’ God may tell me. Some ‘whys’ may not be best for me to know now.

Some ‘whys’ I may not ever be able understand; so on those, hammering at heaven’s door just won’t get me in. If I insist, I can expect a speech like Job got in chapters 38-41.


For those who “get it,” what advice would you give to help talk to those who don’t? Seems hard to describe to someone unless you really know and trust your God in very intimate ways. That can be perceived as flippant, uncaring or unsympathetic by those in the midst of hardship or pain.

Yes, I agree. So don’t talk. If you truly trust God and believe everything fits, just let it show in your attitude, reactions, decisions, and in your peace. Then talk if they ask.

Bonus #8!

Give me one small practical thing to do to move me one baby step closer to accepting that everything fits.

This is lame but try it. Every time you doubt and question that everything fits, stare at your left hand. You’ve heard that your hand is filled with 27 bones plus ligaments, nerves, and muscles, yet you have never seen them. Now try to move your hand and wiggle your fingers–if you can, everything fits; if you can’t, it doesn’t.

*   *   *

What do you do when it’s hard to believe?

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Gary Morland helps you feel better about your most challenging family relationships, and helps you actually improve those relationships - all by adopting simple attitudes, perspectives, expectations, and actions (the same ones that changed him and his family).


  1. Hi Gary – I hope this makes sense…

    I believe that everything just fits (even when it doesn’t) because of experience. At some point in my life I managed to muster up enough faith, for a long enough period of time, that He could provide me with an experience (evidence/testimony) in my own life. Once I had that experience, it was always there for me to fall back on in future times of doubt. Finances are a great example. When we make the decision to tithe, it’s on faith that what He says about finances and giving are true. We can believe what the Bible says is true, and we can even convince others that they should believe but, until WE experience His truth in our own lives (abundance of provision), we will struggle to fully believe we should tithe.

    • it makes more than sense hutch, it’s inspiring! appreciate it buddy

  2. As I’ve looked back over my life to try to gain perspective on how everything fits, one thing that has helped me to believe is community. Sometimes I am too close to my stuff to see how it fits, but as I am in relationship with others and we share our stuff somehow it’s easier to see how their stuff fits. Seeing how their stuff fits helps put my stuff in perspective too. Abba didn’t intend for us to figure this stuff out on our own, He gave us each other.

    Thank you Gary for bravely opening this dialogue and handling it with such grace and honesty.

  3. M

    Dig in my heels, trust in His divine power & believe; there is NO greater place to be than in HIS hands:) amen & thanks again G for helping me connect the dots in my life! Blessings & <3 M

  4. Rebecca

    A great way to endthe series! I’ll be looking at my left hand regularly…:)

    • now if you get some injury and can’t move it, then that idea doesn’t count . . . :)

  5. lyricpdx

    What do I do when it is hard to believe? I go lower, like to the bottom of a very deep well, where the darkness closes in. I go so low that the only way to look is UP, and there I see it, the Light. Oh, that I would always be that low, because lowliness and brokenness is where I meet Him best. And when I meet Him there, I know His closeness; I feel it, too, how He loves and cares for me, like a mother caring for her child. And then I can trust. I have done this over and over. God is REAL and He loves His children.

  6. abbie

    When it’s hard to believe everything fits: 1)Hang on (like Jacob did the angel) 2) Look at so many stories in the Bible where things don’t seem to fit – rape, murder, jail, trickery, blindness – and then God ends up using it for his glory. That will be me too. And you. And you.

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