My awesome girls

Oops, I blinked.

Daughters are all grown up, married, with three kids each. That was fast.

But we’re still a close family, get together often, have plans for the future. I call the daughters a couple of times a week. Sometimes I probably bug them but I don’t care.

Family rocks.

My wife Brenda is in the middle. She loved me when I was drunk and lost, and she now loves me sober and found. I don’t know how she could love both. Oh wait: that’s what Jesus does. I learn about grace from her every day.

The Nester (right) is our first daughter. As a kid she was always moving Barbie furniture around and now she’s always moving her real furniture. She says it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and she’s right. Her book about all that will be available in Spring of 2014. You can meet her at Nesting Place.

Emily (left) is our second first daughter. As a kid she journaled – STACKS of pages. Now she writes books about living with peace and grace. Her first book is Grace for the Good Girl, second is is Graceful, and the new one is Million Little WaysYou can meet her at Chatting at the Sky.