Encouragement wins

The restroom was the cleanest I’ve ever seen in a fast food place

I even looked for a urinal to make sure I wasn’t accidentally in the ladies room! Plants were perched on a table in the corner, and the whole thing smelled like forsythia. Brenda said the women’s restroom was the same.

When we finished our cajun biscuit and seasoned fries, Brenda found the lady doing the cleaning and told her what a great job she was doing. The lady glowed and said she only works one day a week and tries to do things special. Brenda made sure she knew it was.

So after being complimented and encouraged, do you think she started slacking off?

Encouragement wins. When someone tells you something specific and positive about who you are or how you do something, doesn’t it make you be or do that even more?

I did an experiment with the grand-kids once

They were picking at dinner and I wondered if they’d finish. So I tried something.

Firmly and enthusiastically I said, “I can’t believe how great you guys are eating! Look at that!”

They smiled. Then each one grabbed their fork to take another bite.

I held a spoon to my mouth like a microphone and started announcing loudly, “What an incredible performance we’re witnessing tonight! Never before seen in the annals of eating!”

They laughed and ate some more. I kept egging them on and they kept eating. Every bite became an amazing achievement, another milestone. It was positive, fun, and they felt like they were accomplishing something. Five minutes later they were done.

Every one of us has a secret superpower . . .

The power to encourage. Encouragement energizes and inspires. Encouragement wins.

What do you spend more time doing in your family — correcting and pointing out shortcomings, or encouraging?

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A Family Like Yours is 31 Days of encouragement to help you appreciate, influence, and love the family you have (no matter what).

This is day 9.

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Gary Morland helps you feel better about your most challenging family relationships, and helps you actually improve those relationships - all by adopting simple attitudes, perspectives, expectations, and actions (the same ones that changed him and his family).


  1. Pam Cason

    I’ve got some picky eaters at my house. I’ll have to try this. Sadly, I think I spend more time encouraging others outside of my family than I do my own. I think recognizing this is the first step to changing it. And today’s the first step . . .

    • Great! (taking family for granted is pretty easy to do isn’t it)

  2. Kelly

    Encouragement does win ! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. monkey tamer

    Beautiful reminder! Thanks for these life changing posts. My world has been doubly dented with your encouragement, you have no idea….


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