For a Family Like Yours :: The Lost Tools In Action

What’s this about?

Inspiration to help you appreciate, influence, and love the family you have (no matter what)

You probably hold some secret hopes and dreams for your family. You want your family to be all it can be.

Maybe you also want it to just feel better to you.

Maybe you want a closer, more loving family. Or less dysfunction and drama. Maybe you want reconciliation and healing. Maybe you just want an end to tacos every Wednesday night.

This series might help with some of that. You might end up with Turkey Manhattan every Wednesday. Or it might even change your family’s destiny and legacy. Who knows.

You can read a post per day, or pick and choose a few, or read a bunch at once. You’ll discover – or be reminded of – attitudes and perspectives to help you begin to feel better about your family.

Your family is unique (even though you might call some of it ‘bad’). Your family has strengths and a purpose and a future. I hope your appreciation of all of these will grow and grow from these readings.

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The Nester and Emily and their husbands and us have always called it our “Goals Day,” but really it’s also about helping each other and your family have a vision for your purpose. I hope it helps you.

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These were originally published over a 31 day period, but a few days were skipped. I left the original 31 day format, but there are actually 26 readings.

What three words describe how you feel about your family? 

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All the readings in order (this one is #1):

#2 – If you’re bummed that your family has a long way to go, you’re not alone

#3 – Grace wins

#4 – Patience wins

#5 – Best and second best time to start

#6 –

#7 – Generosity wins

#8 – For the estranged, hardly talking family

#9 – Encouragement wins

#10 – How to win by losing

#11 – The Mr. Rogers method for beautiful calm in your family

#12 – Because however you touch your family today will never end . . .

#13 –

#14 – Jesus wins – with rest and strength

#15 – Jesus wins – with weakness and trouble

#16 – Jesus wins – with guidance and results

#17 – 3 quick things you could do now to nudge your family one inch closer

#18 – OMG there’s a big ball of fire out there

#19 –

#20 – How to leave a family legacy

#21 – Home is the place

#22 – Humor wins

#23 – The hand doesn’t win

#24 – The head can win

#25 – The heart wins

#26 –

#27 –

#28 – Generosity wins

#29 – How to woo the heart of your family

#30 – The most practical thing you can do for your family

#31 – And you thought it was all about your family