Nothing to see here. Move along : Day 30 of 31

This is just a video about the making of the T-Mobile dance commercial.

Fun. Entertaining.

Just a dot.

Could there be other dots that connect and take this dot to another level? And then when the dots connect could they reinforce each other and give each other deeper meaning for your life?

HaHaHa! Of course not. It’s just a video.

But let’s try anyway.

I’ll start. The quotes are from the video.


Someone made this big old world and he made it for a reason. Then something bad happens in the world and people are dying but don’t know it. So as part of his reason he sends his son to the world to rescue people before it’s too late.

He’s working his reason out continually, but most people don’t see it. It’s not obvious on the surface of things.

It’s so big you can’t take it all in.

The people he rescues become pretty grateful. They don’t even know they need rescued until it happens. When they realize this, it fills them with joy. But the son isn’t done. He wants to use the grateful, joyful ones to rescue more people.

Your job is to pick someone up along the way.

Their joy and gratitude is to be something the people who need rescuing will find irresistible. People will be attracted and want to join in, without realizing it’s all a setup, part of an agenda to give them the same joy and gratitude.

But it’s all covert.

It’s like there’s a whole production going on behind the scenes of the world. Like it’s all choreographed, not for robots but for joyful, grateful people. And the choreographer is watching with excitement, unseen.

The real magic exists in you being able to convince members of the general public to join in and do what you’re doing

But sometimes the grateful, joyful people forget. They get all caught up in their own world–a wonderful world!–and forget their real assignment.

You’re so caught up in the dance that you’re not turning your head and saying to someone, “C’mon! Join in!”

Well, like I said, probably no other dots here. Just a fun video.

OR you COULD consider it your graduate class in dot connecting. Whatever. Enjoy.

(If you’re reading in email click HERE to go to the website for the video. It’s 4:24 and a joy.)

So what jumps out at you in the video?


Day 30 of 31 Days of Connecting the Dots: make more sense of your life, your world, your hopes and dreams

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  1. SeaStarArts

    wow. WOW! so very cool… my dots are all lined up smiling!

  2. Abbie

    My favorite part is the producers getting so excited when the dancers draw someone else into the dance. And the people who’s days it changed. I want to be a dot like that – drawing others in. But I’m sad too, not sure why, maybe because some dots are hard.

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