His head would break the window : Day 13 of 31

Connecting the dots is all about meaning

Just like the old dot-to-dot drawings, a picture takes shape when you connect the dots. The dots take on meaning as a part of something bigger.

If your dad sat you on his lap and read the encyclopedia to you, you’d die of boredom.

Lonely, disconnected facts can be cold and flat.

BUT what if your dad connected the dots and translated them into reality so that you knew what it meant? And when you knew what it meant you could picture it. And so it became real, right outside your window.

You met Richard Feynman’s dad on DAY 7. In this video Richard tells a story of how his dad taught him to connect the dots between fact and meaning. (1:31). If you’re reading in your email, click HERE to go the the blog to see the video.

What facts are getting translated and becoming real to you these days?


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  1. As I was watching this video, I thought of my husband and his mom. The two of them loved reading encyclopedias. I always thought how boring this would be. But the two of them have curiosity in common. They want to understand how things work and why. My husband became an entrepreneur and created many products and services throughout his career. I think his early exposure to reading and understanding impacted him greatly.

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