31 Days of Dots

Consider this a primer on how connecting the dots can benefit your everyday life.

These are all the essays from “31 Days of Connecting the Dots”, written in October 2012 as part of THE NESTER’S 31 DAYS of CHANGE.

The first post is below, followed by links to the other 30 posts.

31 days of connecting the dots: make more sense of your life, your world, your hopes and dreams.

Is this connecting the dots thing for you?


You want a better life. I want a better life. Everybody want a better life. One way to make life better is to learn how to do things. How to cook, organize, save time, lose weight, spend less, save more, fix it, make it, sell it, change it. How-to stuff.


Another way to make life better is to understand why and how things happen that make you happy, sad, and mad. Things in relationships and circumstances at home, at work, with people, and in your whole life.

As you put together how and why things happen, you learn what to expect, what to do, how to react.

Connect the dots of the pieces and it changes how the pieces look. As you learn to connect the dots you calm down and gain hope. Your expectations change. Nothing surprises you, not circumstances or people. You make better decisions. You grow in peace and confidence. You can be generous and help others.

Life makes more sense, and feels lighter and simpler.

You don’t run around thinking “why is this happening?!”

You gain a sense of why you’re here. Life seems more like one thing instead of a bunch of disconnected pieces.

Stuff that frustrates and bugs you falls into place at a lower level. You still have the frustrations and the problems to solve–and you need the practical advice–but with a bigger perspective, the frustrating things aren’t as stressful.

You can have peace even though you still have the problems. Problems aren’t as big and dominating. You look around and realize we’re all basically alike. You’re not alone. You’re not weird. You always thought you couldn’t do what ‘they’ do, but now you realize if ‘they’ can we all can. And should. So you do.

I hope this will help you do that

But it’s not steps or a how-to. It’s perspective and thinking. It doesn’t take more thinking, just a certain way of doing it.


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It started with a phone call . . .


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